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Real Estate Post Closing FAQ’s

Please review all the steps below so that you are familiar with the post closing FAQ’s

When & How will I receive my original deed?

After we deliver the deed to the Register of Deeds for recording, the ROD holds the deed for 1 to 3 days before returning it to us.  Once we receive it back, we will mail it back to you via 1st class US mail.  Thus, you should have the deed about 2 weeks after closing.  If you have not received it 30 days after closing, please feel free to give us a call to help track it down or to provide a certified true copy of the deed.

Did the property taxes for the current year get paid at closing?

In Brunswick Co the taxes are paid in arrears.  Tax bills for the county for 2014 just came out Aug. 1, 2014.  We only pay taxes for the current year at closing if the tax bills have been released by the tax office when we prepared your settlement statement.

To determine whether we paid the taxes for 2014 or not,please review the first page of your settlement statement.  If there are figures on lines 210 & 211 in the left hand column (the Buyer’s side) you (the Buyer) received a credit from the seller for the Seller’s portion of the year, and you (THE BUYER) will be responsible for paying the ENTIRE AMOUNT of the tax bill for the year by Jan. 5th of the following year. If there are not figures in lines 210 & 211 of the Buyer’s side of the settlement statement, then there will be figures in lines 106 (if applicable) and 107 of the Buyer’s side, which means we did collect and pay taxes for 2014.

If you are responsible for paying the taxes for 2014, you may or may not receive a copy of the tax bill for the current year but will be responsible for timely payment regardless.  To contact your local taxing authorities to get bills check the government sites on our Area Information tab.  IF YOU ARE THE SELLER and you receive a tax bill, please forward it on to the buyer or to our office and we will send it to the buyer.

Check you taxes and pay them online at:

Brunswick County collects for the following municipalities:  Boiling Spring lakes, Southport, Caswell Beach, St. James and Bald Head Island.  If your property is in one of these municipalities, you will only need to contact the county for a tax bill.  If your property is located in Oak Island, Ocean Isle or Holden Beach you will also have to contact the town to get a copy of your bill.

Do I need my original deed to show ownership?

No. In North Carolina all you need to show is that you are the last record owner per the records of the Register of Deeds.  The actual deed is not necessary to show ownership but may be useful to determine recording information in the event of an error at the ROD.

How do I get a copy of my Settlement Statement or closing disclosure?

You should have a received a copy of your settlement statement or closing disclosure with your closing documents.  However, we my not have had a copy with all signatures at that time.  If you need a copy with all signatures, please contact us and we will be glad to send you an email copy of the fully executed settlement statement.

When will I receive my title insurance policy?

After closing we strive to send final title opinions to title insurance companies within 30 days of your closing.  However, if the seller has a payoff we will not send a final opinion until the deed of trust has been cancelled of record, which sometimes takes months due to inattentive lenders.  Once the title insurance company receives our final title opinion your policy is usually sent out within a few days
thereafter.  If you have not received your title policy within 60 days of closing feel free to give us a call to check the status.

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